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24 Hour Emergency Glass Replacement & Repair in Paradise Valley ArizonaAt MBR Glassworks our goal is to make sure your unique Residential or Commercial glass needs are satisfied, and we provide you with safety for your home, or business. We have trained and certified technicians here in Paradise Valley that are here to offer top-quality advice and service.

Paradise Valley Glass Repair – Glass Replacement in Paradise Valley Arizona – 24 Hour Emergency Glass Repair Service

At MBR Glassworks, our certified technicians provide the expertise and skills to make sure the work is done correctly the first time. We know you don’t compromise the safety of your family, customers or employees, so we don’t compromise on quality, safety or installation.

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MBR Glassworks in Paradise Valley has many years of experience with glass & mirrors in Paradise Valley, AZ. Anything made with glass we can repair or replace it. Our skilled technicians meticulously measure, cut, and install any type of glass.
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We are available 24 hours a day seven days a week for your convenience and security. When you call MBR Glassworks in Paradise Valley you can count on quality service at reasonable prices.

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Insulated & Dual Pane Glass

The extreme heat of Arizona can make even the most seasoned resident crave air conditioning. Mild winters make Paradise Valley and the Phoenix area attractive to your friends and family. As you consider insulated or dual pane glass, here are some important considerations:

  • Help your Paradise Valley home stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Reduce your energy costs.
  • Make energy efficiency a priority for your Paradise Valley home.
  • Increase your home’s resale value.
  • Make your home even more desirable with energy efficient windows.
  • Enjoy the breathtaking views and southern Arizona sunsets without having to gasp at your utility bill.

Thinking about Insulated or Dual Pane Glass?
You can enjoy a quieter and more energy efficient home with insulated or dual paned windows. Insulated glass is also commonly called dual pane glass and is constructed of two pieces of glass joined together by a perimeter spacer and sealed to create an airtight component. The “dead air” space it crates is what creates insulating properties and sound proofing for your home.
You may be surprised by the many different products on the market for use in your home or business to fill your specific needs.

  • Low E Glass
  • Tinted
  • Obscure
  • Internal grids
  • High performance glass

Looking for guidance from a knowledgeable and experienced company? MBR Glassworks is your glass resource for all installations and repairs in Paradise Valley Arizona.
Schedule your consultation with one of our technicians at your home or office to determine which product would be best for your needs.

Paradise Valley AZ Glass Replacement – Low-E Glass for your Paradise Valley Business

Paradise Valley Emergency Glass Repair

Think Less Energy Consumption. Think Savings.
Low E glass can help keep your customers and employees cool. In Paradise Valley and the greater Phoenix area, the summers make Low-E glass an effective choice. This glass is designed to reflect heat back to its source. With Low-E glass you can enjoy greater energy efficiency and experience lower energy costs. You can choose between having a hard or soft coat Low-E put on insulating or dual pane glasses.
Hard coat refers to how difficult it would be to remove or scratch the layer of tin that was added to the glass. Since the tin was added when the glass was in a slightly molten state, it is considered difficult or “hard” to remove. Hard coat Low E glass can have a blue tint.
Soft coat Low-E glass involves the application of silver, zinc or tin to glass in a vacuum. The coating is fairly delicate or “soft”.
If your main goal is to reflect as much heat as possible back to its source, the soft coat is your choice. Soft coat Low-E glass typically has a higher R value.
When you are evaluating R values, keep in mind R values simply measure resistance to heat loss. You want higher R values when you are looking for better insulating qualities from your glass.
Higher R Values = Better Insulating Qualities = Efficiency = Cost Savings
You can rely on MBR Glassworks to install, repair or replace Low-E glass in your home or business.
Get guidance from a knowledgeable and experienced company. MBR Glassworks is your glass resource for all installations and repairs in Paradise Valley and the greater Phoenix Metro area.
Find out which product would be best for your needs. Get help from experienced professionals, so you can make an informed decision.

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Glass for Showers and Baths in your Paradise Valley Home

Your bathroom can become one of the most desired places of your Paradise Valley home. It can even boast an impressive resale value to your home. You can still reflect your unique style and taste despite your bathroom’s functionality. Shower doors can add elegance, privacy and function to your space. Let glass reflect light. You will find small spaces feeling larger and brighter. Here is some aspects you should consider when making Glass Replacement decisions for your Paradise Valley home.


Is a framed shower right for you? As you consider the design and size of your shower or bath, here are some important considerations:

  • A framed enclosure is structurally stronger than a frameless unit.
  • It allows for the use of a lighter ¼” glass.
  • It can be less expensive allowing your budget to stretch further.
  • A framed unit may be more water tight. This may reduce excess moisture, the potential for mold or slipping due to pooling water.
  • Available in standard sizes for easy installation.
  • Chrome, brushed-nickel, and gold finishes.
  • Choose any color for a custom look.

Paradise Valley Shower Glass – Paradise Valley Mirror Replacement or Repair – Shower Door Glass in Paradise Valley Arizona

Frame- Less

Love the feel of an open space in your Paradise Valley home? Desire a more contemporary look? Want a seamless look, virtually free of lines from enclosures?
You can customize your tub or shower enclosure to reflect your unique style. See if a frame-less tub or shower is right for you.

  • You can eliminate the majority of the metal framework around the glass.
  • You’ll love a vast selection of design options.
  • Create your unique style with ¼”, 3/8” and ½” glass.
  • Choose from luxury glass options: clear, etched, patterned, obscure or slumped.
  • Get a custom look by choosing your preferred shape and color.
  • Choose from a variety of hardware finishes including chrome, brushed-nickel and gold.
  • Your desired look is created with the safety you require by considering any size and design limitations.